We are working to reduce our footprint. This is why 100% of the electricity needs of the Grand Barrail come from renewable energies.

The energy efficiency of our buildings has also been improved to consume less energy.

To combine comfort and Ecological transition, our hotel is proud to work with local service providers and suppliers, favoring partners with committed practices.

We encourage our employees to raise awareness of eco-friendly actions such as sorting energy savings and more.

We work with a company that allow us to recycle our waste and bio-waste in a sustainable way. A reycling bin is available in each room.

Finally, you can observe and walk in our three-hectare park. It is carried out by an environmentally friendly company, banning the use of pesticides. During a stroll, you will be able to observe the biodiversity that the flowering fallows offer us. The peace of the pond maintains a sustainable ecosystem. All this surrounded by vineyards providing us with wines from organic farming.